Welcome in Big Gunshop !HARDCORE! Keeper (How to train your station - Adventure 2 Episode VII)
version 0.32.5
click to start this game again (your weapon licenses stayed)

(still better love story than Twilight)

Gameplay Tips:
Try to sell as many guns as possible by offering a good selection for sale - according to public demand (the News).
Every month, the Rent rises. When you can`t pay the rent you lose. The public demand changes every month.
Purchased weapon licenses carry over into every game session you play- so you can get better with every game.
The Rent is your greatest enemy. Fighting it will be challenging!
Having an empty store might be bad, too many weapons of the same type on display might also be bad.
The amount of money you start with depends on the amount of licences bought in all of your game sessions.
We will add new guns soon - stay tuned!

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